1st Day of School Activity

We first began using this activity on the first day of school several years ago. Traditionally our first day of school, we only have 20 minute classes. We did not want to spend the entire time going over our syllabus, so we decided to try this instead. It worked better than we expected.  We use simple string figures to teach classroom success.  We love this activity for multiple reasons. Check out Learning 365 to purchase this activity. 

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Back to School Sale


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Look for our Back to School Sale on August 1st & 2nd on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Save 28% off in our store when you use the promo code BESTYEAR.  Click on the picture above to start shopping.

Our current products include Vocabulary for Interactive Notebooks, Vocabulary Word Walls, and Vocabulary Flash Cards for the following topics:

  • Graphing
  • Graphing Motion
  • 1D Kinematics
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Additional units are being added weekly.

Bonus: Want to save even more?  You can also purchase a unit bundle of any of these products.  Our bundles are already 20% off every day.  Purchase these on August 1st or 2nd and you will save an additional 28%!

Graphing Vocab BUNDLE CoverGraphing Motion Vocab BUNDLE Cover
1D Kinematics Vocab BUNDLE Cover Newton's Laws Vocab BUNDLE Cover


Why use Interactive Notebooks?

At first I was hesitant to use interactive notebooks in my classroom, given that we are in a digital age. But after one year of use in my classroom, I saw great potential for my students. I had numerous students at the first year that are extremely proud of their notebooks, they want to keep them and use them in the future as reference material for other science classes.  I have used composition interactive notebooks for the past five years and each year the notebooks become better and better quality for my students.

The pros of using an interactive notebook:

  • Consistency – Composition notebooks will all be the same size and page count. The only real variable is the cover material/design and the quality of the binding.


  • Expense – cost about $1
  • Storage– Easily store inside the classroom if you would like
  • Student ownership of work – my students feel accomplished with completing the task/assignments in the notebook
  • Improve organizational skills of your students
  • Improve critical thinking skills of your students
  • Students can express their creativity in various ways in their notebooks

Welcome to Learning 365

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We are secondary science teachers in Central Texas.  We enjoy using interactive notebooks in our classrooms and our students find them beneficial for our classes.

This blog will be about what we do in our classroom and our journey as teachers throughout the year.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts.


Staci and Becky