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Why use Interactive Notebooks?

At first I was hesitant to use interactive notebooks in my classroom, given that we are in a digital age. But after one year of use in my classroom, I saw great potential for my students. I had numerous students at the first year that are extremely proud of their notebooks, they want to keep them and use them in the future as reference material for other science classes.  I have used composition interactive notebooks for the past five years and each year the notebooks become better and better quality for my students.

The pros of using an interactive notebook:

  • Consistency – Composition notebooks will all be the same size and page count. The only real variable is the cover material/design and the quality of the binding.


  • Expense – cost about $1
  • Storage– Easily store inside the classroom if you would like
  • Student ownership of work – my students feel accomplished with completing the task/assignments in the notebook
  • Improve organizational skills of your students
  • Improve critical thinking skills of your students
  • Students can express their creativity in various ways in their notebooks