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Last year we focused on creating Physics Vocabulary products which included Vocabulary for Interactive Notebooks, Word Walls, and Flash Cards for the 16 units we cover in our classes. We bundled all three vocabulary products together for each unit. By purchasing the bundles of the units, you can save as much as 20%.



If you like these products, you may want to check out our full year of vocabulary bundles.


Currently, we are working on two new product lines, both of which will focus on lab activities for your classrooms. Our physics product line for this year is a series called The Physics Files and our chemistry product line is titled Mission ChemPossible. Both series will feature station labs that can easily be personalized for your classroom. You can customize each lab based on your schedule and your students.

Each investigation contains 8-15 lab stations to get students engaged and moving around. All stations will come with step-by-step instructions and are easy to prep and clean up. No special materials are required. You should already have all materials in a typical science classroom.


We will also be adding chemistry vocabulary in the same style as our physics vocabulary products throughout the year. As the school year unfolds, we will post these products to our TPT store, Learning 365. Check back periodically to find our new products.

Hope you have a great 2017-2018 School Year. Make sure to check out the TPT Back to School Site wide sell on August 1st and 2nd. Save up to 25% off in our store when you use the promo code BTS2017. Click the picture below to start shopping.

Entire Year of Physics Vocabulary Bundles

Save time and money with our Entire Year of Physics Vocabulary Bundles. In this bundle, we included our 16 units of vocabulary covered in our Physics classes. We have two separate vocabulary bundles. In each product you will find vocabulary terms with pictures and working definitions. One product contains all 16 units of our physics vocabulary interactive word walls. The other product contains all 16 units of our physics vocabulary for interactive notebooks.

The following units are included in either product:
• Graphing
• Graphing Motion
• 1D Kinematics
• Newton’s Laws of Motion
• Safety Symbols
• 2D Motion
• Universal Gravitation
• Energy
• Momentum
• Thermodynamics
• Electrostatics
• Circuits and Electricity
• Magnets and Electromagnetism
• Mechanical Wave Properties
• Electromagnetic Waves
• Sound

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Number Line Classroom Décor

Do your students struggle with the concept of scientific notation and metric prefixes? We have constructed a physical number line in our classroom using the metric prefixes associated with scientific notation. We review the concepts of metric prefixes and scientific notation at the beginning of the year but have found that our students do not fully grasp the concepts.


We expect that our students be able to use the prefixes from pico- to tera- in our classroom.

Misconceptions our students have:

  1. Our students think that negative exponents mean its a negative number. Our solution: Zero and One are included in our number line
  2. Our student don’t understand that it is a scale based on the powers of ten.  They don’t grasp that the difference between 10^3 and 10 ^6 is really 1,000. Our solution: Pictures on the number line help students visualize the size difference.
  3. Our students are not familiar with the metric system even though they have been exposed to it.  Our solution: Students start off the year using the number line activity to reinforce the metric system.
  4. Our students are just use to moving the decimal and they do not understand what that actually means.  Our solution: We added the pictures to try to allow the students to visualize the size and scale of the prefixes. We also show the Powers of Ten video to our students.

If you would like to purchase the metric system number line classroom décor, please visit Learning 365 on Teachers Pay Teachers.

1st Day of School Activity

We first began using this activity on the first day of school several years ago. Traditionally our first day of school, we only have 20 minute classes. We did not want to spend the entire time going over our syllabus, so we decided to try this instead. It worked better than we expected.  We use simple string figures to teach classroom success.  We love this activity for multiple reasons. Check out Learning 365 to purchase this activity. 

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